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We love technology, so we’re inspired by today’s scientific progress. Technology offers infinite opportunities, serving as an endless source of innovation and improvement. We thrive on developing solutions for the most complex sensing challenges. It empowers us to take responsibility for unique sensor developments. Our sensor solutions are essential for our customers’ products and R&D processes. This also demands a spirit of mutual trust and cooperation.

That’s why we take on any sensor challenge.



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Accepted challenges

Please read more about the challenges we took on for our customers. They show you how Sentech operates, shedding light on the unique sensor solutions our people develop and how our customers experience working with Sentech. These challenges will give you unique insight into what we could do for your business.

They prove that our sensor solutions benefit our customers:

less downtime
greater reliability
lower operational costs
improved machinery, instruments and vehicles.

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IIOT (Industrial IOT) – Why you should embrace it

Sooner or later, you too will have to consider connecting with sensors! Read about why you should be part of this.
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The revealing science behind Lidar technology

Lidar has come of age as an optical sensor technology for detection and measuring distance. Discover all the ins and outs of this versatile sensor technology.
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Potential of sensor fusion gets AgriFoodTech visitors thinking

How can innovations combat global food scarcity and meet needs of changing food chain dynamics?
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AgriFoodTech: how sensor fusion could serve to combat food scarcity

Which existing sensor fusion applications in agriculture & horticulture could combat food scarcity? Find out more!
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Surprising Precision Fair generates unexpected sensor solutions

The outcome of 2 days trade fair: surprising entries about precision technology!
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