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Sentech is the sensor technology expert in the Benelux region. At the turn of the century, we entered the niche market for customized sensor development and integration. The bigger sensor manufacturers, who depend on bulk orders for standard sensors, cannot operate efficiently in this market. But we can, with great success!

We’ve since developed into a knowledge and R&D partner for complex sensor challenges, addressing issues for which the bigger players cannot supply standard products.

Supplier of sensor knowledge and innovation

In the Dutch province of Brabant, we develop and produce high-quality sensor solutions for four market segments: Automotive & Heavy Vehicles; Healthcare & Instruments; High Tech & Robotics; and Agrotechnology & Horticulture. The sensor assemblies we deliver to our customers cannot be found in any sensor catalogue.

Team Sentech consists of 50 highly motivated specialists in several fields of work: engineering, account management, project management, quality assurance, production, testing, distribution, marketing and administration. All of them are experts with a shared passion for high-end technology, generating inspiration, ingenuity and innovation.

We supply sensor knowledge and innovation in the form of unique smart sensor solutions to meet complex challenges in technological industries. Sentech excels in sensor integration, sensor R&D solutions for complex challenges, professionalism, quality assurance and project management.

These core values guarantee added value, high quality and reliable delivery.

We can take on any sensing challenge!




Marcel Figge

"We love technology, so we live in an inspiring era."

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